Railcar Storage

Rail Logix provides daily railcar storage for park tenants and the surrounding industrial base in the region at each Rail Logix Yard. Current railcar storage capacity at our sites is 5,847 car spots, with 1,410 dedicated interchange spots to streamline the interchange process with the serving Class 1 Carriers. Each site has access control points & video surveillance to ensure the security of railcars staged on our properties. Rail Logix will introduce another rail-served industrial park located in Dayton, TX in 2021. This park will have 1,060 storage spots with 272 interchange spots included in Phase 1.


Rail Logix provides daily on-demand railcar switching services for its customers and park tenants based at each industrial park we serve. The superior quality of our track, design, locomotives, and personnel allows for our service commitment guaranteeing same day release of railcars for interchange, or the outbound handling fee will be absorbed by Rail Logix. Interchange with the serving carriers occurs a minimum of 5 times per week at our Baytown and La Porte-based rail yards. Each customers railcars are handled in the safest manner possible. As safety is paramount in all that we do, our safety record in the industry is second-to-none.

Railcar Cleaning & Maintenance

Railcar cleaning and mechanical services are provided by park tenants for railcars owned/leased by third-party car owners. VLS Recovery Rail Services’ state-of-the-art railcar cleaning facility based at our Baytown, TX site specializes in the cleaning of tank cars. CRU Logistics provides this service at our Elmendorf, TX facility.


Product transfers from railcar to truck and from truck to railcar are typically performed by park tenants. Rail Logix’s la Porte, TX yard for example is equipped with 100 car heavy haul transloading isle available to park tenants and third-party users. This site design is particularly convenient for offloading/loading bulk products such as plastic pellets. Rail Logix’s Elmendorf, TX and Lacassine, LA transloading sites allow for access to both sides of railcars, particularly important when offloading products such as lumber from Centerbeam flatcars. Park tenants also perform liquid transfers at our Baytown & Elmendorf, TX facilities.

Chemical Packaging

Park tenants provide packaging services of bulk chemicals to include placarded commodities that arrive to the site via railcar to drums, ISO Containers, etc.

Plastics Packaging

The packaging of plastics/resins from bulk quantities to Super-Sacks, shipping containers, etc. is available at our facilities. Rail Logix’s La Porte-based facility design is ideally suited for the handling, transfer, and packaging of pelletized material on a large scale. The 100 railcar heavy-haul transloading road at this site allows for the efficient flow of truck traffic while transloading takes place on either side of the roadway. Current rail capacity for staging railcars at this site is 740 car spots. A truck scale is available at this site, and shipping containers can be loaded with pellets while on the scale where it can be transferred directly to the port for shipment upon completion.


  • Petrochemical
  • Agricultural
  • Manufacturing
  • Oilfield
  • Packaging
  • 3PL