Rail Logix is a privately-owned rail yard operator specializing in the storage, handling and switching of railcars for users in the petrochemical, energy, agricultural and logistics industries. Established in 2006, Rail Logix combines world-class railcar handling, switching, and staging services with augmented services such as railcar cleaning, maintenance, and transloading. Designed for maximum efficiency, the Rail Logix’s rail yards provide reliable, on-demand release of its users railcars to interchange with Class I carriers a minimum of five (5) days per week in a safe and economical manner.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with a web-based yard management system and AEI readers which provide real-time inventory control of each customer’s product. At a moment’s notice, Rail Logix’s yard management system can generate electronic rail activity reports for its valued customers on a daily basis. In addition, each of Rail Logix’s access-controlled, rail yard facilities are monitored under constant video surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Strategically located in both Texas and Louisiana, Rail Logix is poised to become the premier provider of railcar storage and handling solutions in the Gulf Coast region and beyond. With exciting new opportunities on the horizon, Rail Logix looks to continue its tradition of service excellence and commitment to safety while surpassing expectations as a conscientious and responsible neighbor in the communities it serves.