Baytown, TX

Located in Baytown, Texas at the 1,200-acre Ameriport Industrial Park, Rail Logix Ameriport is poised for growth to meet the demands of its expanding petrochemical and logistics customers.

Since construction in 2010, Rail Logix Ameriport facility has experienced seven phases of expansion to meet the aggressive growth of its petrochemical users in the Houston-Baytown region and rail-served tenants operating in the Ameriport Industrial Park complex. With the current robust growth in the region, Rail Logix AmeriPort is poised for future expansion with its capacity to swell to 3,000 car spots, with 380 dedicated interchange spots by early 2021.

Services and Amenities Include:

  • Dual-served by the BNSF and UP
  • Railcar Storage & On-Demand Switching
  • 3,000 Railcar Storage Capacity with 380 Car Interchange Track
  • Real-Time Inventory & Access Control
  • Same-day Interchange Service
  • Railcar Cleaning and Maintenance Provided by VLS Recovery Rail Services
  • Transloading Services Provided by Innovative Distribution Services

About Ameriport Industrial Park

Under common ownership, Rail Logix Ameriport and Ameriport offer unequaled synergies in the coordination and delivery of cars to Ameriport’s rail-served tenants, enabling increased efficiencies and reducing operating costs. Rail Logix, through its partnerships with service providers located within the railyard, will safely coordinate the transloading of product, cleaning, maintenance and staging of outbound railcars on the interchange as a turnkey service keeping its customer’s cars in the fleet and ready for use.

For more information about Ameriport Industrial Park, please contact Rail Logix at 713-962-3200 or National Property Holdings at 713-578-1234 or visit www.ameriport.com for more details.

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